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At Ershamstar we have always put our students first and our Spiritual Centre enables us to keep our prices at an affordable level.  We are able to keep all of our students together in one building  which continues our theme of ‘learning with friends’ and encourages the closeness and support that we have become known for .
In 2015 our courses will encompass our unique facets,  which are personal tuition whenever possible either with less numbers in the classroom, or by having two highly regarded tutors in attendance at the same time, with modern & progressive teaching. Our days are long, from 10am until 9pm which offers you value for money and extended learning.
Many of our past students are now working as tutors and professional mediums themselves, and the Ershamstar format encourages everyone to progress towards public work when they feel ready.  

z Expanding your horizons z

All of our courses while maintaining the unique teaching of Ershamstar are able to satisfy the requirements of SNU recognition and PAS log book completion and assessment.

z We can bring you closer to the Spirit World z

The Grand Hotel -

a bygone era...

The hotel consists of several large apartments. Our classroom, dining room and entertainment area is on the third and fourth floor with access by a lift and has stunning sea views towards the coast of France. Student accommodation will be in apartments with their own kitchens and bathrooms.  We will take all meals together in our dining room.  The hotel’s lower floor is kept for the their own use ..... tea accompanied with a pianist ......   oak panelled reception & bar ..... we know you will like it here !

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Putting Our Students first


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Ershamstar still represents excellent value for the very low students tutor ratio. Come to Ershamstar and you are guaranteed which tutors you will work with.