About Us

 Sheila French DSNUT, Hon.Diploma(Adv)
and School Principal
Linda Bullock CSNUt

Continuity in tuition is your key to success.

Sheila French has been organising courses for many years. During this time she has attracted many of this countries leading tutors and mediums to Ershamstar.  However, Sheila found that in Tim Abbott they developed a partnership that complimented each others work and understanding  perfectly.

In 2016 Sheila is also happy to introduce new mediums to her team each with their own area of speciality to compliment the work of herself and Tim.

All of the new team members like Sheila, believe in the power of seeing each student as an individual with individual needs within their development.

We at Ershamstar try to offer new and exciting ways to make your journey new and exciting also.

About Charlie ........

Well Known, Thirty Seven and Modern, Approach able, Refreshing, Passionate about his work, Professional, Qualified ,International, Evidential, Spiritual, Relaxed

                         AN EXCITING COMBINATION

About Tim ........

Evidential, Charismatic, Professioanl, International, Progressive, Focussed, Problem Solver, Experimental, Challenger, Unlimited, Uninhibited, Unrestricted

                         TOTAL TRUST IN SPIRIT

About Linda ........

Empathic, Spiritual, Trustworthy, Respectful, Honest, Caring, Problem Solver,Sensitive, intuitive, Creative

                    TRUSTS IN THE POWER OF YOU

About Sheila ........

Experienced, Qualified, International, Spiritual, Creative, Humorous, Honest,Welcoming, Encouraging, Spirit inspired, Practical

                                        A SAFE HAVEN

Andy Ford Diploma(Adv)

About Andy ........

Intuitive, Psychic, Humorous, Open Minded, Friendly, International, Many Faceted, Mediumistic, Spiritual

                              FLEXIBLE APPROACH

Tim Abbott Hon.Diploma (Adv)
Charlie Kelly Diploma(Adv)

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