Ershamstar Diplomas


Why is this scheme unique ?

. It measures practical ability and the understanding of that ability

.  You the candidate chooses at which level to enter

. It is inexpensive and not necessarily time consuming

.It is not an education scheme, it is an appraisal of your development no matter where you take your education

. Ongoing support is offered to those who are our award holders

Who is the scheme suitable for ?

.Independent professional mediums.

. Developing circle members

. Developing mediums

Diploma schemes available now.

Platform presentation. Private Evidential Sittings.

In the future we will have schemes for Trance Speaking ,   Trance Healing,   Philosophy and Teaching

Why choose this scheme ?

. A pass is clearly defined allowing the candidate to know exactly what is required both in the practical and the interview.

. The exam is taken over two days to allow for support preparation immediately before the Examination day.

. In the unfortunate event of a failure there are clear reasons given and an appeal procedure.

. In the event of a failure the candidate is given ongoing support and guidance to encourage a pass in the future.

What does it cost?

. To see whether you are interested costs only £10 for the introduction pack, no membership fee ever. This pack contains an Ershamstar document folder, and an introductory letter that explains the scheme, basic examination instructions and charges, an application form and return envelope, and full contact details.

. In England the complete cost is £500.00 to include full board residential accommodation for the duration of the examination and the day before the two day examination and the night after if needed. £100 for all course notes and £400 for the two day residential course.

. For German Speaking  costs please contact our Swiss translator Cornelia Dietrich on

The Next Step.

If this scheme is of interest to you and you feel that you would like to demonstrate and achieve certificated recognition of your mediumistic ability then please contact us.  If you require advice about which level to enter then email either Sheila French on or Tim Abbott on if you require your introductory pack contact Emma on

Please send us £10.00 by PayPal, direct Bank Transfer or personal cheque to receive your Introductory Pack  ( see our PRICES and INFO PAGE for how to pay ).    

Please decide your level of ability and ask for the Diploma or Advanced Diploma as you feel is correct for you.  

It is possible for you to change your mind at a later stage right up to the day of the examination concerning which level you wish to enter.

Good luck and we look forward to working with you.


Our Ershamstar Platform award holders

Advanced Diploma Holders;

Andy Ford       07983356894

Helen Geier                     004993145469715/004917655021477

Isabelle Egger            0041764521591

Martina Camenzind  0041713790010

Diploma Holders;

Emma Whitehead      07940988157

Angela Viellieber             0049015754783632

Sonia Casoni                                  0041786817194

John Luscombe                         07546067888

Miki  Berge                                  0033450204909